Botox Myths Debunked

Botox patient myths

Despite the fact that Botox injections have been helping individuals turn back the clock for more than a decade, there are still many myths circulating about this anti-aging treatment. Whether you are new to Botox or have been getting injections for many years, it is important to separate the fact from the fiction. Here are…

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5 Tips for Protecting Your Skin this Summer

MedSpa summer skin care

Summer is the best time of year to enjoy the beach and other outdoor activities in Morehead City, North Carolina. However, too much sun can wreak havoc on your skin, causing early signs of aging and increasing your risk for skin cancer. Before you step outside, make sure your skin is well protected with these…

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Treatments for a Beach-Ready Body

Beach body Liposuction

In North Carolina, the summer months are best spent on the sandy shores of our beautiful beaches. If you have a cosmetic concern that is keeping you from enjoying beach weather to the fullest, solutions are available. At New Visage, we have the treatments you need to enhance your appearance so you can greet the…

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