5 Reasons to Have an Ipl Photofacial This Fall

Reasons to Consider an IPL Photofacial this Fall

With fall just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about skin rejuvenation options that will take you into the new season in style. In addition to refreshing your complexion, you want a treatment that will effectively reverse the sun damage your skin suffered throughout the summer season. The staff at New…

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6 Summer Foods to Add to Your Diet for Healthy Skin

Healthy summer foods

The summer season may be nearing its end, but the fresh summer harvests will last well into the fall months. Now is the time to stock up on those nutritious summer foods guaranteed to give your skin a refreshing boost. The team at New Visage has a list of six summer foods to add to…

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Tips for Giving Your 50-Something Skin the TLC it Needs

Skin treatments look young

When your skin hits the half-century mark, the telltale signs of aging can really start to make an appearance. This is the time to start considering a slightly more aggressive arsenal of skin care treatments to attack aging at its core and restore a youthful glow to your complexion. In addition to a wealth of…

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Skin Care Tips for 40-Somethings

Skin care for 40 year olds

The 40s can be a tough decade for the skin. Effects of sun exposure, environmental damage and other pollutants can become more noticeable by this time, making skin look dull and lifeless. At the same time, collagen and elastin deficiencies lead to loose, sagging skin and the formation of facial creases. Now is the time…

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