My Experience with the Newest Peel from SkinCeuticals

Our own laser specialist and New Visage owner Jen Beasley got the chance to try out the latest peel treatment from SkinCeuticals. Jen wanted to share her experience with all of us and remind us that the Advanced Corrective Peel is the October special at New Visage! Getting Ready I was excited to try out…

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Botox and Brotox: The Injectable Trend for Men and Women

Botox Brotox

Women aren’t the only ones seeking cosmetic treatments today; men are also discovering the many benefits of heading in for a quick enhancement at their local medspa. Injectable treatments, particularly neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport, have become a huge trend for male and female patients alike. Dubbed Brotox by its male clients, there are a…

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Skin Care Tips for Baby Boomers

MedSpa patient aging skin

While the 60’s may bring on a rash of skin concerns, there is some good news for aging skin as well. Once a woman hits this decade, hormonal fluctuations are largely over, which means the skin enters one of its most stable phases of life. On the flip side, that “stable” skin can also become…

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