April Is Rosacea Awareness Month At New Visage

Rosacea Symptoms

April is Rosacea Awareness Month! Rosacea affects roughly 16 million Americans according to the National Rosacea Society and April is designed to help educate the public on the disorder. Rosacea is a chronic, but treatable facial disorder that causes sufferers to have increased redness.

Rosacea Symptoms

Typically, people between the ages of 30 and 60 are affected by Rosacea and those who have fair skin are more susceptible to a Rosacea breakout. Women also are more likely to be affected, though symptoms can be worse among men. As far as determining one single thing that causes Rosacea, there is not one. It can affect people from all walks of life. Symptoms include skin that flushes or blushes easily, persistent facial redness, tiny, visible blood vessels, overly sensitive skin that stings from certain skin and beauty products, and red bumps and pimples filled with pus.

Causes and Triggers

Researchers have not been able to nail down an exact cause of Rosacea, but some ideas and risk factors have been discovered. Causes can be related to hair follicle mites, infection with certain bacteria, and more. Risk factors, or things that trigger Rosacea, can be worse for some people. These include sun exposure, stress, hot water, drinking alcohol, spicy foods, exercise, wind, hot baths, hot beverages, and cold weather. Since those risk factors are often very hard to avoid and very much engrained in many people’s everyday lives, a plethora of treatments have been developed.


Currently, there is no cure for Rosacea but it can be managed with a variety of treatments. Treatments range from prescription topical treatments, to oral medication, and even products you can purchase right here at New Visage. ZO Rozatrol has an innovative combination of ingredients that work to minimize the appearance of redness, while simultaneously relieving multiple other signs and symptoms that are associated with Rosacea, all within one tube. SkinBetter’s Alto Serum consists of 19 different antioxidants working together to offer skin with 360 degree support.

Everyone wants to feel confident in their own skin and sometimes symptoms of Rosacea can interfere with that, which is why we are proud to carry products and offer treatments that help minimize the condition. Additionally, we will be hosting a Zo Lunch & Learn at 12:00 pm on April 17th to talk about Dr. Obagi’s medical grade skin care line, with a 1:30 pm focus hour on Rosacea. Contact us today to give these products a try or to learn more about treating Rosacea.