Caring for Your Skin in Your 20s

You may think you can coast through your skin care routine during your early adult years, but what you do for your skin while you are in your 20s can impact your overall skin health throughout your life. By implementing a few good skin care habits now, you can reap the benefits for many years to come. Check out these four tips from New Visage that will get your adult skin off to a healthy beautiful start that you will enjoy well into your middle and later years.

Many men and women in their early adult years are still fighting “teen” skin conditions like acne. Professional treatments to help keep breakouts under control at this age will keep your skin clear and prevent future problems like acne scarring. Other conditions, such as rosacea and other vascular conditions, can also be effectively treated with professional procedures like laser therapy, clinical peels and IPL photo rejuvenation.

When your skin is still young, it is relatively easy to preserve your youthful glow with exfoliating treatments like microdermabrasion and chemical peels. These procedures effectively remove outer skin layers, leaving softer, smoother skin underneath. By starting these treatments early, you can prevent build-up of dirt, oil and other residue that can dull the complexion and lead to breakouts. Exfoliation also allows for better penetration of those anti-aging solutions you are likely starting to dabble with.

Even in your 20s, you can begin to see early signs of sun damage and aging. Fine lines around the mouth and eyes, brown pigmentation and uneven skin texture can start to make an appearance. By treating these concerns early, through effective treatments like chemical peels, laser resurfacing and IPL photo rejuvenation, you can stop those concerns in their tracks, before they become more noticeable.

It’s easy to be lackadaisical about sun protection when you are young, but the better you protect your skin now, the better you will look in your 40s, 50s and beyond. If you hate the idea of giving up your sun-kissed glow during the summer months, consider professional spray tanning treatments that provide attractive color without UV damage to the skin. These treatments will give you a healthy glow, but you will still need to slather on the sunscreen daily to keep your skin safe from damage and the risk of skin cancer.

Even in your 20s, you can begin to adopt good skin care habits that will keep your skin looking and feeling its best throughout your life. To learn more about treatment options for younger skin, contact New Visage at 252-808-2NEW.