Cellfina: Finally a Cellulite Solution!

Cellulite is a common bane among women, affecting most at one time or another. That dimpled, cottage cheese look can make you self-conscious about appearing in bathing suits or other skin-baring clothing. Unfortunately, there is plenty of misinformation circulating about the skin issue that leaves us vulnerable to trying treatments that won’t bring real results. Fortunately, getting the facts about cellulite will help you understand why Cellfina is the one treatment option for cellulite that offers very real and long-lasting results.

Myths about Cellulite

There are numerous myths regarding cellulite that you might hear so often, you eventually believe them to be true. Some of the most common myths include:

Cellulite is due to toxins in the body.

This myth is perpetuated by companies offering topical solutions to rid the body of the toxins and achieve a smoother skin texture. However, toxins have nothing to do with the formation of cellulite and topical solutions cannot penetrate deep enough into the underlying dermal layers to have any real, long-lasting effect.

Exercise can “cure” cellulite.

This myth has left many women disillusioned with their workouts. While exercise benefits the body in many ways, cellulite reduction is not one of them. You may see the dimpled look diminish slightly, but that cellulite isn’t going anywhere.

Cellulite only happens to people who are overweight.

While weight gain can make cellulite look more prominent, it doesn’t actually cause the problem. Which means even slender, fit women can begin to see that cottage cheese look develop – much to their distress.

Facts about Cellulite

With some of the myths involving cellulite out of the way, let’s turn to the facts about the condition. Cellulite may have a genetic component, which means if your mother or grandmother struggled with cottage cheese thighs, you are more likely to do so as well. Cellulite may also have a hormonal factor, since the problem is much more prominent in women. Cellulite can also worsen as we age.

There are three basic processes that go into the formation of cellulite:

  • Connective tissue beneath the skin’s surface tightens, creating the dimpled appearance
  • Fat cells in the area begin to push up against the skin between the connective tissue
  • Skin starts to thin over time, making the bulging and dimpling more prominent

If cellulite is a threefold problem, it makes sense that an effective cellulite treatment would address those issues. Now, there is a procedure that can reverse the occurrence of cellulite in a single office treatment. Cellfina is now available at New Visage, giving our cellulite patients long-lasting improvement.

The Lowdown on Cellfina 

Cellfina is the first cellulite treatment that works because it is the first that gets to the root of the cellulite problem, the constricted fibrous bands that lead to skin dimpling. Cellfina uses a tiny blade inserted underneath the skin’s surface to release the fibrous band and create a smoother appearance on the skin’s surface. The treatment is performed in our office using local anesthesia and most procedures take less than one hour to complete.

When the fibrous bands are no longer pulling the skin inward, the fat cells no longer have to push up against the skin’s surface. This allows the skin to even out, creating a smoother, dimple-free surface. Because the fibrous bands are effectively cut, the results of Cellfina are permanent.

Cellfina is the first FDA-approved treatment that actually treats cellulite at its source. The procedure is relatively quick and painless and patients have little or no recovery time afterward. To learn more about Cellfina, contact New Visage today at 252-808-2NEW.