Cheap Botox: A Risk or a Bargain?

Botox has become such a popular procedure today, many people assume that the injections will be safe and effective no matter where they have them administered. Unfortunately, the popularity of the procedure has also attracted “professionals” that are now offering Botox at bargain basement prices. While the smaller price tag may seem like a deal on the surface, those cheap Botox offerings may include more risk than you bargained for as well.

Consider the Formula
Cheap Botox is often marked down for one of two reasons. First, the solution may be expired or about to expire. While old Botox is not necessarily more harmful than a fresh formula, it is not as likely to be effective. You may think you are getting a bargain, when in reality, you are not getting the same effectiveness as you would if you paid full price for your treatments.

Cheap Botox may also be diluted with other substances, known as fillers. This situation often poses more hazards, since you don’t know all the ingredients in the mix. In some cases, you may have an allergic reaction to one or more of the substances. Those ingredients can also be harmful and sometimes even life-threatening. At best, you are receiving a lower concentration of Botox, which means you will either need a lot more of the substance or you will not see much of a change in your appearance.

Consider the Doctor
Even if the Botox you receive is the real McCoy, you may be getting those injections by someone that is not properly trained in administering Botox treatments. Before your treatment, find out if the person with the needle is well-trained and experienced in this sort of procedure. If not, you could end up with lopsided results, unwanted drooping or other strange side effects after treatment.

Botox parties are another way people are trying out Botox for the first time at a lower cost. These social gatherings are masking the fact that Botox injections are a serious medical treatment that should be handled in a sterile environment by a trained provider. Rarely are either of these criteria met at a Botox party, leaving guests vulnerable to infection, complications and less-than-desirable results.

If you are serious about pursuing Botox treatments, look for an experienced Botox provider that understands facial anatomy and uses only the highest quality formula for treatments. At New Visage, we ensure our patients receive all of their cosmetic treatments by highly trained, experienced professionals that can ensure the safest and most effective procedures. To learn more, contact New Visage at 252-808-2639.