The Dangers of DIY Cosmetic Treatments

As cosmetic treatments become more and more popular, some patients are looking for ways to save some cash by trying DIY treatments at home. While these procedures may be touted as offering “clinical results without the cost,” few products live up to their promises. There are a number of reasons to avoid DIY cosmetic treatments and opt instead for professional procedures at a medical aesthetic facility like New Visage.

Irritating Ingredients
Homemade beauty treatments may sound good – after all, they are often made with ingredients you are willing to put into your body. However, what goes into your body may not be the most beneficial for your skin. Case in point; citrus fruits and tomatoes, which are very good for your nutrition count, can burn and irritate your skin if they are applied topically.

Ineffective Ingredients
Even if the formula boasts active ingredients that you are familiar with, the concentration or specific strain may not be the best for achieving the cosmetic results you are hoping for. Medical-grade products, including chemical peels, contain the purest strains and the highest concentrations to give you a safe and effective procedure.

No Oversight on Formulas
Many of the products sold over the Internet that promise the same results as professional treatments do not even come from the U.S. This means no oversight goes into the formulation or production of these products. In fact, some injectable solutions that have been sold online have been found to contain potentially dangerous ingredients like silicone and even fiberglass, sending patients that try these DIY solutions to the hospital and sometimes leaving them horribly disfigured.

Potential Complications
While there are potential complications with any cosmetic procedure, the possibility of complications with DIY treatments are much greater and more severe. DIY procedures like microneedling can lead to infections and scarring, while DIY laser treatments can cause burning and other skin damage. Patients that try these Internet sensations often end up in their physician’s office, spending much more to fix the damage than they would have spent on the original procedure.

More Pain, No Gain
The bottom line is DIY treatments can cause much more pain and lead to many more complications without the proven benefits of professional procedures. Home microneedling tools can be much more painful and bloodier than professional needling, while home chemical peels and laser treatments can cause painful burning and skin damage. Professional aestheticians know how to make procedures as comfortable as possible, while minimizing damaging complications that can impact your results.

At New Visage, we offer a broad range of professional cosmetic treatments that will help you enhance your appearance and meet your aesthetic goals. All of our treatments are minimally-invasive, safe and effective, which means you will enjoy stellar results without discomfort or significant downtime. To learn more, contact New Visage at 252-808-2NEW.