Freeze Away Fat with World’s #1 Non-Invasive Coolsculpting® Procedure

New Visage is proud to have been named the #1 Coolsculpting® provider in Morehead City, North Carolina. Coolsculpting® is the latest technology that is revolutionizing how the aesthetics community eliminates fat and approaches body contouring. Worldwide, over 7 million procedures have been performed of this only non-invasive fat reduction technology that targets and freezes fat cells. This option for eliminating fat is quick and non-surgical, making it an ideal option for nearly every candidate.

Through a non-invasive technique, Coolsculpting® utilizes cryolipolysis, which is a patented cooling process. This method works to expertly target and eliminate fat cells without surgery and nearly no downtime. Additionally, this non-surgical option targets your fat cells without damaging any other cells or tissue. Coolsculpting® is actually able to target areas that even extreme diets and excessive exercise cannot reach. During your treatment, you can sit back and read, check emails or even take a nap.

As the #1 Coolsculpting® provider in Morehead City, NC and a Coolsculpting® Complete Practice, we have access to the very latest equipment in the Coolsculpting® game which includes our wide range of hand-held applicators designed to fit every body shape and size. Coolsculpting® is FDA-cleared to treat several areas including the upper arm, abdomen, outer thigh, underneath the buttock and even bra and back fat.

We are proud to bring this treatment option with a cult following all over America and even internationally to men and women right here in our local eastern North Carolina community. If you are struggling with getting rid of stubborn fat or have one area of concern that needs some attention, consider Coolsculpting®. This can be the solution you have always dreamed of and with a procedure that is non-invasive, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of our November special to get the lower abdomen treatment for just $900! Give our office a call at 252-362-3449 to set up a consultation or book an appointment today.