Leave the “Duck Face” in 2015! Tips for the Perfect Pout

The “duck face,” made famous by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus, has become so yesterday. Now, the familiar pucker has been replaced by a much more subtle – and sexy – pout, known as the “fish gape.” Achieving this natural look successfully takes a renewed attention to the lips, since the volume achieved with the puckered “duck face” is not as easily obtained with the new expression. Getting into the swing of the best selfie face for 2016 may take a bit of cosmetic help to get the lips to look just right!

New Look, New Benefits
Like the previous pucker, today’s “fish gape” provides a way to puff up the lips and give you a sexy kind of allure. The expression also effectively pulls down the cheeks and chin to give your face a slimmer profile. The slight opening in the mouth also allows you to flash a glimpse of your pearly whites without resorting to a toothy grin. It’s no wonder the look has become hot with hotties like Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham and Keira Knightly.

Say Hello to Volume
The key to getting this pout just right is the right amount of volume in the lips. If Mother Nature didn’t bless you in this area, an injectable treatment might be just the ticket to adding poof to your pucker. At New Visage, we offer a variety of dermal fillers that allow us to customize your treatment to your specific needs and desired results. For delicate places like the lips, we typically recommend the smaller, smoother particles in Restylane Silk to produce the most natural results.

Injections for lip volumizing typically take just a few minutes to complete. Patients may request a topical numbing solution or icing prior to the procedure to make the injections more comfortable. You will be able to enjoy your results as soon as your procedure is complete and they should last for a number of months before a touch-up treatment is needed. If you are getting this procedure in anticipation of a special event, we suggest scheduling approximately two weeks ahead of the event to ensure your lips are fully healed and ready to flaunt.

Say Goodbye to Fine Lines
Another concern that can get in the way of your perfect selfie pout is the appearance of fine vertical lines above the upper lip. Known as “smoker’s” lines or “lipstick” lines, these signs of aging can appear due to frequent drinking from straws or puffing on cigarettes. The good news is there are injectable solutions to smooth away these lines as well to give you a smoother upper lip and a more youthful pout.

The same formula used to add volume to the lips can also be used to smooth away those delicate lines around the mouth. A few additional injections of Restylane Silk to the upper lip will finish off your look for your new selfie pose. Like the injections used in the lips, the results of your upper lip treatment will last several months before any follow-up procedure is required.

Put Your Best Selfie Face Forward
Get ready for the latest selfie craze with cosmetic treatments designed to put your pout in the spotlight. Our staff at New Visage has the expertise and experience necessary to give you the naturally plumper, sexier lips you are looking for. Contact our office today at 252-808-2 NEW to find out how we can help you get the “fish gape” look that is sure to be the envy of all your social media friends!