New Treatments Get You Ready for the Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, this is the perfect opportunity to take a little time for you before the bustle of the season gets into full swing. Why not schedule a skin rejuvenation procedure that will help you get your holiday glow At New Visage, we offer innovative non-surgical procedures designed to address a host of skin concerns without excessive discomfort or downtime.

Reverse Skin Laxity with Venus Legacy

Venus Legacy is a revolutionary way to eliminate isolated areas of unwanted body fat and tighten and smooth the skin without surgery. This procedure uses controlled heating from radiofrequency energy, delivered deep beneath the skin’s surface, to destroy unwanted fat cells and create a leaner body contour. The heating process can also be used to stimulate collagen production, reversing skin laxity and creating firmer smoother skin on the face and body.

Venus Legacy is a relatively painless procedure that may last up to 30 minutes. A handheld applicator is used to deliver the radiofrequency energy, while a pulsed suction feature pulls skin upward during treatment so heat can be delivered even more deeply. In addition to tightening skin and slimming down problem spots, Venus Legacy can effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite and stimulate healthy circulation in the treatment area.

Look Younger with Venus Viva

If you are looking for a non-surgical way to turn back the clock on your appearance, Venus Viva is one of the best options available today. This device uses the same radiofrequency energy as Venus Legacy, but in this case, the energy penetrates the surface of the skin to smooth away fine lines and sun damage to rejuvenate the complexion. The NanoFractional RF energy combines with SmartScan technology to produce skin that is softer, smoother and free of minor imperfections.

The Venus Viva procedure also takes about 30 minutes to complete and is not considered uncomfortable by the majority of our patients. The handheld applicator glides across the skin’s surface to reduce lines and wrinkles, shallow scarring and enlarged pores. The procedure will also smooth away rough skin texture, producing softer skin and a radiant glow.

Say Goodbye to Brown Spots with Venus Versa

Venus Versa is a multi-dimensional platform that can do everything from remove unwanted body and facial hair to rejuvenating the skin. As a skin rejuvenation device, the Venus Versa offers the unique benefit of eliminating the appearance of brown spots, freckles, port wine stains and visible spider veins without incisions, anesthesia or downtime. The secret is in the pulsed light technology that targets the melanin under the skin’s surface to remove these visible imperfections.

Venus Versa is another quick, painless procedure that removes these troublesome imperfections and rejuvenates the complexion overall. Some patients do request a topical numbing cream prior to this treatment, since there can be some minor stinging as the light pulses go into the skin. However, there is no pain after the procedure and any residual skin redness will subside within a few hours after the procedure is completed.

All of the Venus procedures are performed in our office on an outpatient basis. Patients may be advised to have a series of treatment sessions to achieve the best possible results. Our laser specialist will discuss your concerns and desired results prior to beginning treatment so you can know exactly what to expect from the procedure and your outcome. To learn more about any of these treatments, contact New Visage today at 252-808-2NEW.