Plump it Up with Volbella

Lip plumping is a relatively easy way to refresh and rejuvenate your appearance at any age. However, previous options in lip plumping often left results that were not as natural as patients like. Fortunately, the introduction of Volbella has changed all that with a smooth formulation that adds just the right amount of volume to produce a sexy pout without the worry over the “duck lip” look. New Visage now offers Volbella to provide our patients with the best choice in lip plumping available today.

How the Lips Age

Even if you had full lips in your younger years, the profile of your mouth can change over time. These fluctuations, like other signs of aging, are due to collagen loss around the lips and mouth. Collagen is a protein that supports your dermal structure to give skin its volume and supple appearance. With less collagen produced over time, that structure loses support and skin becomes looser and thinner.

The lips can also become thinner, with a loss of definition around their borders that adds to their aged appearance. Fine vertical lines known as smoker’s or lipstick lines can also form above the upper lip, further exacerbating the problem and making you feel self-conscious about how you look. Fortunately, Volbella can address all of these issues, to turn back the clock and boost your self-confidence once again.

Smoother Formulation

Like other dermal fillers on the market today, Volbella’s formulation is hyaluronic acid-based. Hyaluronic acid is another natural substance produced by the body that aids in skin hydration and a more youthful complexion. When injected into the dermal layers, hyaluronic acid offers natural, long-lasting plumping action, adding volume and smoothing away fine lines from the inside out.

The secret behind Volbella’s success is its smoother consistency that makes it perfect for delicate areas like the mouth and lips. Volbella is also designed using Allergan’s proprietary VYCROSS technology, which combines different molecular weights to achieve smoother, subtle results with less discomfort than other filler solutions. In addition, Volbella is equipped with lidocaine, a numbing medication that keeps you more comfortable as the injections are administered.

Volbella Treatment Benefits

The unique formulation of Volbella makes it a good choice for the following concerns:

  • Lost volume in the lips
  • Less definition around the lip lines
  • Corners of the mouth that turn down in a perpetual frown
  • Fine vertical lines that form above the upper lip

Volbella can be used alone or in conjunction with other injectable treatments or cosmetic procedures to further enhance your results.

What it’s like

Volbella treatments usually take just a few minutes to complete. If you are worried about your comfort level during the procedure, you are welcome to come in early for your appointment to get a topical numbing cream prior to the injections. The injections are done using a very small needle placed in multiple locations to achieve a balanced, natural look.

You should be able to head right back to your daily routine once your Volbella treatment is over. The VYCROSS technology used in the formulation helps to reduce post-procedural swelling, so it’s likely no one will even know you just had a cosmetic procedure performed.

Results of Volbella will be seen right away and continue to improve in the days following your procedure. Results have been shown to last up to one year with most patients.

Whether you are looking to add volume Mother Nature never gave you or restore plumpness you have lost over time, Volbella may be the right choice for you. To schedule your consultation, contact New Visage today at 252-808-2NEW.