Tan Towel

Tantowel_LogoExtend your spray tanning sessions with Tan Towel, a high-quality self-tanning product you can use at home. Tan Towel products, now available at New Visage, offer easy self-tanning for positive results with every application. The extensive Tan Towel line allows you to customize your tanning to your specific needs, desired results and budget.


Tan Towel offers self-tanning through a simple towelette application, ensuring your tan goes on smoothly and evenly every time. The patented self-tanning towelettes contain special formulations that work with the user’s own proteins and amino acids found in the skin to ensure a natural, beautiful result. Tan Towel products offer customizable color, whether you are interested in a subtle, sun-kissed glow or a deep golden bronze.


Safe for the Skin
When Tan Towel products are combined with the spray tanning treatments available at New Visage, you can sport a healthy glow throughout the season without subjecting your skin to the harmful and dangerous UV rays of the sun. As concern over skin cancer risks continue to grow, Tan Towel offers a safe, healthy solution to getting the seasonal color you want. Sunless tanning also protects your skin from the effects of aging, warding off loose skin and the appearance of facial creases.

Customizable Solutions
Tan Towel features products for both the face and body, so you can complete your summer look with ease. The line also includes exfoliating towelettes to remove dead, dry skin cells on the surface and reveal a more vibrant complexion underneath. With a full range of skin care products to choose from, Tan Towel allows you to continue positive results of your New Visage treatments through easy-to-use systems that can be used in the privacy of your home.

Sunless tanning is the way to achieve your summer look without putting your skin at risk. To learn more about our tanning options, including the full line of Tan Towel products, contact New Visage at 252-808-2NEW.