Venus Viva

When you want to look and feel much younger, sometimes a complete transformation is what you need to get there. Although total body rejuvenation may seem impossible without surgery, there are minimally invasive laser techniques that can give you the cosmetic results you want. With Venus Viva laser therapy, your skin texture and elasticity, fine line wrinkles and acne scars can all be improved right within the New Visage facility. The best part is that you can rejuvenate your skin with very little discomfort and minimal downtime. The laser treatments are effective and provide fast results that leave you looking and feeling years younger.

The Venus Viva provides ablative, radiofrequency laser treatment for stretch marks, poor skin texture, scarring and overall skin rejuvenation. The laser delivers controlled light energy that repairs skin suffering from the natural aging process.

Skin Resurfacing with the Venus Viva
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The Venus Viva uses two applicators to resurface the skin, depending on the area treated. The Viva Fractional Applicator uses radiofrequency energy to provide a controlled ablative treatment to the skin, which creates slight trauma and induces the production of the body’s natural healing agents. The DiamondPolar Applicator uses Multi-Polar radio frequency to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles and distribute heat to the skin in an even pattern.

The Venus Viva has proven effective when treating:

  • Stretch marks
  • Enlarged pores
  • Deep-set wrinkles
  • Rough skin texture
  • Acne scarring
  • Rosacea

Both applicators stimulate collagen production that works to heal the wounds inflicted to the skin by the laser’s energy, effectively eliminating damaged skin cells and resurfacing the skin with a fresh, new layer that has improved in texture and tone. Venus Viva laser treatment works on all skin tones at any time of the year, and many patients are pleased to know that they can return to their daily routine almost immediately after their treatment.

Revive Your Skin’s Natural Texture

The Venus Viva laser allows you to reduce age spots and wrinkles, stretch marks, scarring and more by simply adjusting the treatment depth to suit your specific needs. The radio frequency and SmartScan technologies provide gentle rejuvenation while a larger applicator means more treatment areas covered in less time. Laser treatment can be applied to the face and chest in any region that needs texture improvement. The treatment is also capable of repairing damaged blood vessels and promotes the production of collagen and elastin fibers weeks after the procedure is completed.

Your Individual Consultation and Procedure for Venus Viva Treatment

The laser frequency you receive will mostly depend on your cosmetic goals, but because the Venus Viva is effective on different treatment areas, you have possibilities when it comes to the procedure you decide upon. A consultation with a laser specialist at New Visage will help you better determine which treatment option is right for you. By reviewing your medical history and learning about your expectations, we can choose the right amount of laser energy that will produce the most optimal result. We will also inform you about possible side-effects associated with the procedure as well as the price, which will depend on the number of regions being treated as well as the longevity of your treatment.

To achieve complete skin rejuvenation, we recommend receiving multiple treatments, which will ultimately help seal your results in place and last for years. The number of treatment sessions will vary, but typically three or four 30-minute procedures in a span of four to six weeks will produce the most promising results. Maintenance appointments can be scheduled every six months depending on how your body reacts to the treatment.

When you come in for your Venus Viva laser procedure, your skin should be completely removed of any lotions, creams, makeup or jewelry, as this could affect the penetration of the laser light. Your laser specialist will begin by performing a spot test to see how your skin reacts to the laser and to get an idea of how to adjust the radiofrequency. Once we have confirmed your treatment parameters, we will apply the laser to the treatment area.

Possible Side Effects

Although treatments with the Venus Viva are safe and effective, there are always chances of adverse reactions. Side effects generally include redness at the treatment site and some slight heat discomfort after the procedure is over. However, most side effects to Venus Viva treatment are minimal, and you shouldn’t anticipate spending any time recovering from the procedure afterwards. If your side effects do not subside within a few hours, contact your laser specialist at New Visage to receive conventional treatment.

To learn more about laser treatment with the Venus Viva, contact one of our laser specialists at New Visage and schedule a consultation. We would be happy to examine your skin and recommend the right treatment for you.