Skin Tightening and Radio Frequency – How it Can Help you Look More Youthful

Do you want to turn back the clock without surgery? Radio frequency energy via Venus Viva™ treatments at New Visage can be used to tighten your skin, soften the effects of time on your face, and renew your appearance. Venus Viva™ treatments are ideal for patients suffering from skin conditions such as stretch marks, poor skin texture, or scarring, or for those who just want superior skin tightening results.

A Controlled Ablative Treatment

Venus Viva™ is among the most advanced treatments available in the field of skin care today. The Venus Viva™ fractional applicator uses radio frequency energy to provide a controlled ablative treatment to your skin. The radio-frequency energy rejuvenates and tightens your skin, to help you look younger while giving your self-esteem a boost in the process. It’s the most effective fix for droopy skin.

Utilizing Your Body’s Natural Healing Agents

Venus Viva™ creates very slight micro trauma, inducing the production of your body’s natural healing agents, with minimal discomfort and near-immediate results after your very first treatment session. The fast results and lack of downtime make Venus Viva™ an effective solution for combating aging skin. Venus Viva™ treatment stimulates collagen production that works to heal the wounds inflicted to the skin, effectively eliminating damaged skin cells and resurfacing your skin with a fresh, new layer that has been noticeably improved in both texture and tone.

Learn more about how radio frequency energy can be utilized to tighten and tone your skin by contacting the professionals at New Visage, one of North Carolina’s most trusted and reputable cosmetic facilities. If you live in Morehead City, Jacksonville, or any of the surrounding North Carolina communities, contact us to set up your consultation.