Stubborn Fat? CoolSculpting is the Solution!

Diet and exercise can go far in helping you sculpt the leaner, smoother body contour you are looking for. However, no matter how diligently you count your calories and your hours at the gym, you are likely to see stubborn areas of fat persist despite your weight loss efforts. The worst culprits tend to be the rolls of fat that tend to form around the bra line, inner knee, under the buttocks (banana rolls) and under the chin. Fortunately, innovations in the CoolSculpting procedure have allowed us to treat these tough areas, freezing fat away to give you that sleeker body contour you are craving.

Introducing the CoolMini

The CoolMini is a brand new applicator designed to be used with the CoolSculpting device. The smaller size makes it the perfect option for treating smaller areas with the same technology used to whittle away fat from areas like the hips, thighs and midsection. The CoolMini is available at New Visage, giving our patients even more choices in non-surgical body contouring.

The CoolMini has been approved by the FDA to treat submental fat, the fat that tends to form underneath the chin. The device has been through a rigorous testing process, both in the U.S. and in Europe, to ensure its safety and efficacy. It has also been used repeatedly off label with great success to treat other smaller problem areas, such as those listed above.

Say Goodbye to Submental Fat

Submental fat is the accumulation of fat cells along the jawline that give the impression of a double chin. This issue is as concerning for both men and women as the appearance of facial wrinkles in many cases. The double chin appearance eliminates the sleek, youthful definition of the jawline and can make you look like you put on weight even when you haven’t gained a pound. The CoolMini can be used to freeze away those excess fat cells, creating a smoother, more defined jawline.

About the Procedure

CoolSculpting uses a unique process known as cryolipolysis or “fat freezing” to eliminate fat cells in the treatment area. Because fat cells respond to colder temperatures differently than other cells in the body, targeted cooling destroys the fat cells without causing trauma to surrounding skin and tissue. The fat cells can be eliminated through the body’s lymphatic system, while the treated area becomes smoother and leaner over time.

Results that Last

The results of CoolSculpting appear in the weeks following the procedure. Most patients will achieve their desired results in these smaller treatment areas in just one to two treatment sessions. Once those results become evident, they should be permanent since the fat cells are completely destroyed and removed from the body.

If you want to get rid of some of those stubborn areas of fat before the summer season arrives, now is the time to book your CoolMini procedure at New Visage. Treatment takes one hour or less to complete and you can return to your regular activities as soon as treatment is over. The procedure itself is relatively comfortable and involves few if any side effects afterward.

Don’t let banana rolls and bra line bulges get in the way of looking and feeling your best this summer. The new CoolMini is an effective way to address those issues and create the sleeker body contour you want for the season. To learn more, contact New Visage today at 252-808-2NEW.