Turn Back Time Gradually with Sculptra

Looking for a way to turn back time without making it obvious you just had a cosmetic treatment? Sculptra is an innovative dermal filler that actually works with your body to rejuvenate your appearance, smoothing away wrinkles and restoring facial volume over time. Results develop in the months following your treatments and can last for two years or more. There are a number of reasons to consider Sculptra for your next anti-aging procedure.

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is an FDA-approved dermal filler that contains poly-L-lactic acid, a synthetic version of the lactic acid produced by our own bodies. The ingredient has been used successfully in medical procedures for some time but has more recently come on the cosmetic treatment scene with its ability to produce natural, long-term results. Sculptra works in the underlying skin structure to provide support that gives the outer skin a smooth, supple look. It also stimulates the body’s own collagen production, which supports the underlying structure naturally over an extended period.

Collagen is a substance found in the skin’s tissue, which provides the elasticity and firmness that gives skin its youthful appearance. Our bodies produce less collagen as we age, which leads to skin laxity and the appearance of lines and wrinkles. By restoring collagen levels, we can effectively turn back the clock on the skin’s appearance.

Treatment Areas

Sculptra can be used on any of the following treatment areas:

  • Cheekbones, to soften boney cheeks or restore volume to cheek hollowing
  • Chin, to add youthful volume and definition to the jawline
  • Along the jawline to eliminate jowling and enhance definition
  • Around the temples to reverse hollowing in this area

Sculptra can also be used to smooth away deep creases that run from the nose to the mouth, known as nasolabial folds. It can be used for marionette lines, lines extending from the mouth to the jawline, and for chin wrinkles. It is not recommended for more delicate areas like around the nose and mouth, or for the forehead area. However, we have different dermal filler options that work particularly well in these areas.

About the Procedure

Sculptra injections usually take just a few minutes to complete and the procedure is relatively comfortable for the patient. The patient may experience some mild bruising or swelling after the procedure, but this usually subsides within a few days. Avoiding aspirin or ibuprofen before and after treatment will reduce the bruising risk and ice packs can reduce swelling after treatment if necessary.

Most patients are able to apply makeup and return to regular activities as soon as the procedure is over. Some physicians will recommend waiting a couple of days to participate in strenuous exercise to give the dermal filler time to set.

Long-Lasting Results

You will likely see some initial fullness immediately following your Sculptra procedure, which will continue to improve in the weeks following treatment. Most patients will require more than one Sculptra treatment session to achieve full results. However, once those results are obtained, you will likely enjoy them for two years or even longer before any additional treatments are needed.

Sculptra can be performed alone or in conjunction with other injectable treatments like Juvederm or Botox to further enhance results. To learn more about this procedure or find out if Sculptra is right for you, contact New Visage at 252-808-2NEW.