Who’s Talking about Cellfina?

Cellfina, one of the newest and most effective treatments for cellulite, is gaining plenty of attention. With write-ups in many major magazines and endorsements from well-known celebrities, this procedure is poised to become the go-to option for women struggling with those dimpled buttocks, hips and thighs. Cellfina is minimally-invasive, relatively comfortable and offers long-lasting results in a single treatment session. What’s not to like about this latest cellulite treatment?

Explaining Cellfina

Cellfina effectively treats cellulite at its source – the fibrous bands underneath the surface of the skin. These bands tend to constrict over time, which leads to the dimpled appearance of cellulite. By releasing those bands, the dimples are eliminated nearly instantly to create a smoother appearance across the skin’s surface.

The release of the bands is performed using a surgical technique known as subcision. Subcision delivers a micro-blade comparable to the size of a needle underneath the skin’s surface, which can cut the fiber without causing trauma to surrounding skin and tissue. The entire procedure can be performed using local anesthesia and as many as 20-30 dimples can be treated in a one-hour session.

What the Media is Saying

The media is all over this new procedure, with plenty of positive reviews coming from the likes of Vogue, Elle and Allure. Here is what some of these publications are saying about the revolutionary cellulite treatment:

Allure – This magazine named Cellfina a Breakthrough Beauty Winner of 2015, calling it “an amazing breakthrough for eliminating significant cellulite.” The publication also touted its “reliable, replicable results.”

Vogue – Writer Kim Christensen tried Cellfina for herself, seeing positive results with minimal discomfort and downtime. In her article, she states she will look forward to donning a bathing suit this summer with no cellulite to shy away from any longer.

Good Housekeeping – Good Housekeeping gave Cellfina their 2016 Good Housekeeping Best of Beauty Awards in the Body Solution category. The publication also featured the new procedure in its May 2016 issue, along with other winners of the awards.

Elle – This beauty publication reported last October on the arrival of Cellfina, noting the device’s promise to deliver up to 98 percent improvement in treated patients. The publication also highlighted the fact that results last up to two years, some of the longest results for any type of cellulite treatment on the market today.

With all the hype surrounding Cellfina today, you might be wondering where you can find this treatment and if it will help you get rid of those cottage cheese thighs you have been unsuccessfully battling most of your adult life.

Is Cellfina Right for You?

Cellfina is now available at New Visage, giving our Morehead City residents an effective option in eliminating cellulite without surgery. The procedure is typically recommended for women that have achieved a healthy weight but have been unable to minimize the dimpled appearance on their hips, thighs and buttocks. Cellfina can be used on any skin type and is particularly successful on cellulite where there are just a few dimples and little skin rippling.  

If you are ready to say goodbye to your cellulite, Cellfina may be the right treatment for you. To learn more, contact New Visage today at 252-808-2NEW to find out if Cellfina is right for you.