Back to School, Back to You!

With the kids heading back to school and activities, you may be finding you have a little more time for yourself these days. Why not put that time to good use by indulging in a cosmetic treatment just for you? At New Visage, we offer a wide range of non-surgical procedures to help you address specific concerns and meet all your aesthetic goals. This is the perfect time to say goodbye to those nagging cosmetic concerns that have hounded you all summer long.

Say Goodbye to…

Cottage Cheese Thighs

Fall is the perfect time to bid farewell to that cellulite that made you self-conscious all summer. New Visage offers the latest and most effective cellulite treatment to date, Cellfina. This revolutionary treatment uses a proven surgical technique known as subcision to release the fibrous band underneath the skin’s surface that lead to the dimpling of cellulite. As the bands are released, the surface of the skin becomes smoother and the cottage cheese appearance disappears.

Cellfina is performed in our office using local anesthesia. Most of our patients are back to regular activities right away, although there can be some bruising and tenderness for a few days after the procedure. Only one treatment session is required to achieve full results, which should be permanent.

Muffin Top

If you are tired of that extra bulge around the middle, affectionately referred to as the “muffin top,” we have a treatment options for that as well. CoolSculpting is a non-surgical body contouring procedure that uses controlled cooling to destroy fat cells and create a smoother contour. The procedure can be used on other areas besides the midsection as well, including the hips, thighs and even under the chin.

A CoolSculpting treatment takes one hour to complete and does not require any type of anesthesia. There is no downtime after the procedure. Patients will see results develop gradually over the weeks and months following treatment, which will be permanent. Some patients may need more than one treatment session to achieve full results.

Visible Veins

After a season of fun in the sun, you may have noticed a few spider veins made a home on your cheeks and around the nose. Fortunately, you can say goodbye to those visible vessels for good with laser therapy at New Visage. Laser therapy is used for those small networks of veins that often appear on the face and can effectively zap the veins without anesthesia, discomfort or downtime.

Laser vein therapy takes 30 minutes or less to complete, depending on the number of veins to be treated. The results of the procedure can be seen right away and will continue to improve in the days following treatment. Patients will need more than one treatment session to achieve full results, which will be permanent since the vein is completely eliminated.

School is in, so why not take some time for yourself while the kids are busy with their studies? All of these treatments involve an hour or less of time at our office and you will likely be able to return to your regular activities right away or the day after your procedure. To learn more about any of these procedures, contact New Visage today at 252-808-2NEW.