Get a Fresh Face with Dermaplaning

Older women with fresh face

A question that often arises at New Visage is, “What does Dermaplaning do and how can it help me?” It’s no secret that in the game of skin care, there seems to constantly be new players. It can be hard to keep up with the latest and greatest technology and know whether something is right or wrong for you. Fortunately, once you learn about how great Dermaplaning is, it will be impossible to forget.

What Is Dermaplaning?

Before we get into all of the ways Dermplaning will help you, let’s get to the bottom of what exactly this procedure is. First and foremost, it is important to note that Dermaplaning is safe and effective. This exfoliating procedure utilizes a surgical scalpel, that is 100% sterilized, to “shave” the surface of the skin. This practice removes excess dead skin, peach fuzz, and improve texture on the skin’s surface. Our technicians hold the tool at a 45-degree angle and gently brush along the skin’s surface, removing skin and hair cells. The face is the only area of the body in which this procedure is performed. Dermaplaning leaves skin looking and feeling smother, will reduce the appearance of acne scars, and allows for deeper product penetration, which will boost the effects of your skincare products.

Benefits of Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning offers patients deeper product penetration, allowing their current routine to work even better. By removing the soft facial hair, less dirt and oils are able to be trapped on your face. Users report significantly smoother skin. In addition to your skin feeling better, Dermaplaning will leave it looking better as well. Dermaplaning reduces the appearance of acne scars and decreases the look of fine lines. You can combine Dermaplaning with any facial such as the Hydrafacial MD, Micropeel or our signature facial. Finally, the results of Dermaplaning are instant and come with no downtime.

Candidates for Dermaplaning

Another benefit of Dermaplaning is that nearly anyone can partake in the procedure. Dermaplaning works well on all skin types – younger people and older, tan or fair skinned, those who have a lot of acne scaring or nearly none. Everyone can benefit from this safe procedure!

At New Visage, we offer Dermaplaning to rejuvenate the skin and impart a smoother, younger-looking complexion. Our clients are seeing amazing results from these treatments provided by our qualified skin care professionals. Book your appointment today!