CoolSculpting Treatments in Half the Time!

CoolSculpting has become the top choice in non-surgical body contouring for many patients today. The only drawback to this treatment was the fact that treatment sessions took a full hour to complete. Now, the introduction of new applicators for the CoolSculpting device has cut treatment time by nearly half. New Visage is the only place in the Morehead City area and surrounding miles to offer this innovative new applicator to our patients.

Introducing the CoolAdvantage

The CoolAdvantage applicator, introduced just this last spring, is taking CoolSculpting treatments to the next level in terms of efficiency and comfort. This applicator is able to deliver colder temperatures to the treatment area, allowing the fat elimination process to be completed in just 35 minutes, rather than the full hour previously required for a full CoolSculpting session.

The CoolAdvantage applicator offers a number of benefits over the original applicator used for CoolSculpting treatments:

  • Ability to treat the same area in nearly half the time
  • Design of applicator allows more tissue to be addressed at a time
  • Cooler temperatures offer a more efficient treatment overall
  • Patients report greater comfort with the new applicator
  • Interchangeable contours allow for better coverage of treatment areas

Cryolipolysis Explained

CoolSculpting uses an innovative process known as cryolipolysis to destroy unwanted fat cells. The device delivers controlled cooling to the fat deposit, which causes the fat cells to die. The treated cells are eliminated by the body’s natural processes, which the treatment area becomes leaner and more sculpted.

The CoolAdvantage applicator brings the temperature of the CoolSculpting treatment even lower, ensuring more efficient destruction of the fat cells. The lower temperatures allow for the faster treatment time without compromising results. Comfort is also not sacrificed in the interest of speed – patients report a 45-percent increase in comfort level due in large part to the improved cup design.

Customizable Contours

The CoolAdvantage introduces another new feature to the CoolSculpting process, along with the cooler temperatures. This applicator provides three interchangeable contours that allow the device to be more effectively used on a larger variety of body areas. Those contours include:

  • CoolCore Advantage – matches with the contours of the abdominal area
  • CoolCurve Advantage – works well for the flanks (love handles and muffin tops)
  • CoolFit Advantage – provides the best possible treatment on the inner thighs

In addition, New Visage offers the CoolMini applicator, which works well on smaller areas like the submental fat under the chin. With a wide range of applicators and contours to choose from, we are able to treat a much greater range of areas for a full body contouring experience.

The CoolSculpting Difference

CoolSculpting has become a popular method of body contouring, due to its ability to effectively sculpt the body without incisions, anesthesia or downtime. Patients experience little discomfort during the procedure and are usually able to return to their daily activities as soon as treatment is over. The results of CoolSculpting appear gradually over time and once those results are fully evident, they are also long-lasting.

Now, a revolutionary new applicator system has taken a popular body contouring device and made it even better. The latest addition is available now at New Visage, giving our North Carolina residents one more reason to love non-surgical body sculpting. To learn more about the newest CoolSculpting applicator, contact New Visage today at 252-808-2NEW.