Why Winter is a Great Time for Laser Hair Removal

You may not think about unwanted body hair during those months when you are hiding behind long and bulky winter clothing. However, the winter season is the perfect time to indulge in laser hair removal, on the legs, bikini line, back or face. At New Visage, we often see an influx of patients for laser hair removal this time of year as individuals want the many advantages winter hair removal offers.

Lighter Skin Tone
The winter months usually see us sporting lighter skin tones as summer color begins to fade. This is good news for laser hair removal procedures, since the laser heat works best when there is a greater contrast between hair and skin color. Performing the procedure on sun-damaged skin also increases the risk of burning and other complications, risks that are often reduced considerably during the winter.

Sun Protection
Before and after a laser hair removal treatment, it is important to protect treated skin from the sun. In the summer, this can be a difficult task, since skin-baring clothing and outdoor activities are the popular choices. In the winter, your skin is safely hidden under long sleeves and pants, giving it the protection needed to heal from laser hair removal without complications.

Time to Treat
Laser hair removal is only effective on hair follicles in the “active” growth stage, which only includes a percentage of total hair follicles. In order to achieve complete and permanent hair removal, multiple treatment sessions may be required. By committing to your laser hair removal in the winter months, you can rest assured you have plenty of time to complete your treatment before shorts weather rolls around.

Ready for Summer
Once those warm, lazy days of summer roll around, you won’t want to spend them sitting indoors waiting for your skin to heal from laser hair removal treatments. However, in the winter, we spend plenty of time indoors, allowing for full results to become apparent before the weather heats up. You will even have time to take advantage of a couple of touch-up treatments to ensure your skin is silky smooth before you don those summer fashions.

At New Visage, we offer the revolutionary Lutronic Advantage System, which offers superb hair removal results without patient discomfort. The handheld device glides over the skin’s surface, while a chilled compression tip keeps the treatment area at a comfortable temperature throughout the procedure. To learn more about the Lutronic Advantage System or to schedule your first laser hair removal treatment, contact New Visage at 252-808-2639.