Life after Spider Veins: You Can Love Your Legs Again

With beach weather right around the corner, it’s nearly time to shake out that bathing suit and get it ready for the season. If spider veins are keeping you from wanting to bring your legs out of hiding, the staff at New Visage can help. Thanks to minimally-invasive laser vein treatments today, you can discover life after spider veins is as clear and beautiful as you hoped! Now is the time to consider laser vein treatment before the temperature starts going up.

The Spider Vein Dilemma
Spider veins, those visible networks of red or blue lines, can make an appearance any time throughout your life. In fact, you may already be sporting a few of those networks now. The veins frequently appear on the legs, making you self-conscious about heading outdoors in shorts.

Spider veins on the legs may be due to an underlying vein condition known as venous insufficiency. This condition occurs when the veins in the lower legs stop working properly, allowing blood to reflux back into the vessel. This leads to increased pressure inside the vein, swelling and varicosity.

Spider veins can also occur for other reasons, including heredity, sun exposure, skin trauma and hormonal fluctuations. These visible veins are rarely a serious medical problem and their appearance is often the only symptom you see or feel. However, the vein network can become quite large, causing significant embarrassment during the warm weather months.

Saying Goodbye
The good news is you can say goodbye to those unsightly spider veins for good. Laser vein treatment literally “zaps” those veins away, using concentrated laser energy that targets the vein without damaging surrounding skin or tissue. The heat from the laser coagulates the blood in the vessel, causing it to seal shut. You may even see the vein start to disappear during your treatment session. The vein is gradually reabsorbed by the body and blood is rerouted to healthy veins nearby.

Because the vein is completely destroyed, you don’t have to worry about it reappearing later on. However, you can have other spider veins appear over time in the same area. If that happens, you can schedule another laser vein treatment to maintain your beautiful results.

Comfortable Procedure, No Downtime
One of the best features of laser vein treatment is the fact that it is fast and relatively comfortable. There is no anesthesia required for the procedure, which reduces both risks and recovery time. The average vein treatment takes less than 30 minutes, depending on the number of veins we will be treating during your session.

Most of our patients head back to work or other activities as soon as treatment is over. Skin redness is typically the only side effect and that will subside in the hours or days following your procedure. It is important to protect treated skin from the sun for a number of days to prevent possible permanent discoloration.

Starting Now
The results of your laser vein treatment will be evident right after your procedure. However, it will take time for the full results to appear, as the body slowly reabsorbs the treated vessel. In addition, some patients may need more than one treatment to achieve completely clear skin, which are usually spaced a number of weeks apart. This means if you want to hit the beach vein-free this summer, now is the time to start your laser treatments.

At New Visage, we specialize in cosmetic laser procedures, including vein removal. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced, ensuring you enjoy the best possible results from your treatment. To learn more, contact New Visage today at 252-808-2NEW.