Meat-Free Recipe Ideas for Lent

As we are now about halfway through with Lent, your ideas for exciting meatless dishes may be running dry. If so, we can help you rev up your Lenten menu with these fresh ideas on how to go meat free. Check out our list below to discover some meatless options your whole family is sure to enjoy.

Seafood Delight
Seafood is the standard go-to for meatless Fridays, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with the same fried fish or tuna casserole. There are many healthy seafood options that ensure you won’t miss the meat one bit! Opt for salmon, clams or shrimp whipped into delectable dishes like soups and salads. Go elegant with lobster or grab your favorite white fish for some easy fish tacos.

Pasta Comfort
Pasta can be a perfect option for meatless meals, as long as you forgo the sausage and beef in favor of hearty vegetables and plenty of seasoning. Switch out your eggplant parmesan with an eggplant lasagna for a new take on an old favorite. Try tossing your pasta with fresh spring vegetables and shrimp for a delicious meal that is sure to satisfy.

Go South of the Border
There are plenty of good meatless recipe options south of the border, including enchiladas, chili rellenos and black bean quesadillas. Top off the meal with a spicy bean and rice side and plenty of guacamole and pico de gallo. You can even recreate your favorite meat dishes, such as beef burritos, with a bean-filled variety that will be just as zesty and filling as your original fare.

Legume Love
Take a break from fish and pasta to cultivate a love for legumes. Beans, peas and lentils make delicious soups, salads and even main dishes, surrounded by vegetables and plenty of seasonings. Try out some new combinations in vegetarian chili or combine chunky veggies with different beans for a comforting stew. Try them cold as well, in a crisp salad that promises to fill you up while giving your taste buds a treat.

Breakfast for Dinner
Move beyond the basic egg dishes and opt for casseroles that combine eggs with delicious cheeses and vegetables. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a French toast casserole or a nearly limitless menu of pancakes. Whip up some meat-free breakfast burritos with eggs and potatoes or create your own breakfast sandwiches with English muffins, eggs and your favorite low-fat cheeses.

Meatless doesn’t have to mean boring this time of year. In addition to using the Lenten season for a time of spiritual growth and awareness, use those weeks to discover the joys of meat-free eating. Who knows? You may like those recipes so much, your vegetarian habits may continue long past Easter.

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