My Experience with the Newest Peel from SkinCeuticals

Our own laser specialist and New Visage owner Jen Beasley got the chance to try out the latest peel treatment from SkinCeuticals. Jen wanted to share her experience with all of us and remind us that the Advanced Corrective Peel is the October special at New Visage!

Getting Ready

I was excited to try out the new Advanced Corrective Peel by SkinCeuticals, because I love trying out new treatments we are going to be offering our own clients. This peel makes some bold claims about its ability to reduce pigment from both sun damage and melasma. I suffer from both types of discoloration and have been able to successfully manage the pigmentation with laser treatments, although results are temporary. I have never seen a peel that even comes close to offering similar results to laser treatments – until now.

Advanced Corrective Peel – Day One

The first thing you need to know about this peel is that it is SPICY! As someone who can usually tolerate a cosmetic treatment well, this one sent me for the squeeze balls. Amelia is great at getting anyone through even the most intense peels, and I am proud to say I did make it through three layers! Immediately after the treatment, my skin was red and tender. It took a few hours for my skin to settle but when it did, I could see the pigment start to pull up.

Advanced Corrective Peel – Day Two

My skin was red and irritated, but I was able to apply sunblock and attend to my regular daily schedule. The pigment was already turning much darker.

Advanced Corrective Peel – Day Three

My skin felt tight and my pigment looked pretty bad. I spent this day making excuses for not leaving the house. I was worried people would wonder, “How could she own a skin care facility and go out in public looking like that?”

Advanced Corrective Peel – Day Four

I am happy to say I finally started to peel…and peel…and peel.

Advanced Corrective Peel – Days Five & Six

Still peeling, but I am starting to get really excited about the results.

Advanced Corrective Peel – Day Seven

Look at me now! Peeling is done and pigment has been reduced by around 95 percent. Even four weeks after the peel treatment, the pigment has remained gone. I was very impressed with this peel and would definitely recommend it to anyone struggling with pigment that would like to see clearer, fresher skin.

Advanced Corrective Peel Before and After Photos


The Advanced Corrective Peel from SkinCeuticals is one of the most effective treatments for addressing a wide range of pigmentation issues and it is now available at New Visage. To take advantage of our October pricing specials, contact New Visage today at 252.808.2NEW to schedule your treatment.